Monday, April 17, 2017

Eating Cereal :: G-R-R-Relational Aesthetics

    I'm not sure this piece would have been relational, if people hadn't spoken back to me, but it felt good to tell everyone about the genuinely very boring life experience I have with cereal and various kinds of milk. I don't consider myself a political artist, but I found myself veering in that direction, in my discussion of milks and their means of production.
    What I felt worked well about this was the fact that I did it in a "gallery" type setting with cameras all over me but I successfully ate the cereal and had a conversation like I would have if I had eaten the cereal at lunch an hour earlier. I think everyone there could see that, and that's what made it work. What made it relational was the fact that two people said they had had similar experiences to mine with cereal and Raisin Bran!

1 comment:

  1. I really liked how you narrated your piece throughout, it gave us a window into what you were doing so that it was not just about eating cereal but about what each object and action that was part of the performance meant to you.