Monday, March 16, 2015

Final Digital Processes Show - Pepperoni Beer Donuts

Ridley and I decided to create a video / audio collage together after shooting some of our own footage and creating our own audio. The final product (once we decided to work together) is a collection of some of our solo creation and some images / audio we created together. We put all of our collective work into a final cut pro project and arranged clips and audio until we had something we liked.

The idea for the live performance came mostly from circumstance -- Ridley has access to all of the A/V technology in Warch by virtue of his job, and he owns several midi controllers / guitars / mics of his own. We both have laptops, and we found a projector in our basement last term.

The point of doing this was to demonstrate all we had learned in Digital Processes. I don't think I learned anything in Digital Processes. Our performance was garbage. There was  nothing musical, nothing suspenseful about it. There might have been a little swing, but once you have a little swing, it's hard to keep it out of something.

The samples we used were largely random and kind of hastily put together. Good luck hearing them, anyways. The keyboard instrument was one I created by accident, and all it really is is reverb that clips, like, every time it makes any sound.

I am kind of sorry that everyone applauded.